$1 million bond set for knife welding hood

Maurice Agnew of Baldwyn

On Monday, Feb. 22, the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and the Lee County Coroner held a press conference about a stabbing which took place in the Pratts Community.

“A little after noon yesterday (Sunday, Feb. 21) the Lee County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to a residence at CR 2204 about the stabbing which had taken place,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson. “There were two nurses, who were traveling through this area, they saw a victim in distress, stopped and rendered aid. “Medics were called, an ambulance arrived, transported the victim to the North Mississippi Medical Center where he (the victim) was pronounced dead by the coroner.”

“I can release that killed in this incident was Randall Cowley,” said Lee County Coroner Carolyn Green. “He did have multiple stab wounds and his body will be sent to Pearl for an autopsy.”

Cowley, 55, had lived in Saltillo. He had injuries to his chin, shoulder and a fatal stab wound to the chest area.

The suspect, Maurice Agnew, of Baldwyn, who was hiding nearby, and quickly taken into custody.

“During the investigation we were able to determine there was an altercation which took place away from where we found the victim. The victim had gone to a close-by residence to have a conversation with Agnew,” Johnson said. “During this talk, our victim was stabbed multiple times. The victim and the suspect were acquaintances. They hung out together.”

Investigators are in the midst of an investigation as to the cause of the stabbing. They are working to separate fact from rumor.

“There is some indication there was a vehicle (which belonged to a third individual) was left on the side of the road during the snow storm,” Johnson said. “There was property removed from that vehicle; and the victim and the suspect were in some type of talk about that property. But this information is just preliminary as the investigation is ongoing.”

Lee County Justice Judge Chuck Hopkins set a bond on Agnew for $1 million. Agnew, 54, remains in the Lee County Jail. Agnew was currently on probation for a 2018 conviction.

In 2018, he was convicted of Aggravated Assault stemming from cutting another person’s throat.

“That time, he was arrested immediately, brought to the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, was incarcerated, indicted by a Lee County Jury, found guilty of aggravated assault, sentenced to 20 years and after two and a half years released,” a frustrated Johnson said. “What I can tell you is Mr. Agnew should have still been in the penitentiary and we wouldn’t be standing here today.”

If you have more information related to this case, please call (662) 841-9040.

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