If a paving company comes knocking on your door offering to pave your driveway with a leftover load of hot asphalt at rock bottom prices, you may want to think twice. The Better Business Bureau serving Mississippi is warning consumers about a driveway paving scam that usually tends to spike in the spring, but the warmer weather we have being experiencing has prompted an early arrival of this scam. BBB believes it's a baiting scam, and says consumers need to be careful or they could fall victim spending their hard earned money only to be left disappointed. “This has been a problem in our state over the past couple of years,” says John O'Hara, CEO BBB serving Mississippi. “Consumers make an on the spot decision and haven't researched to see if they are even getting a good deal. “They also haven't checked out the company to see if they are reputable,” says O'Hara "Consumers need to do their homework when hiring contractors to do any kind of home improvement work.” A Fayette man was approach by a paving company who stopped by one afternoon in November and offered to pave his driveway on the spot. “The business representative said they had some extra asphalt they needed to get rid of and was going to give him a great deal.” On the surface, the consumer said everything appeared to be on the up-and-up. The paving company gave the Fayette resident a price of $1.60 per square foot, and made it sound like a great deal. So the man agreed to have half his driveway paved for what he thought would be roughly $2,000 to $2,500. He said the company paved the entire driveway and wanted to charge over $11,000. The man paid $7,400 and keeps receiving calls from the company demanding an additional $4,000. BBB has concerns that the product these type of companies use is not very good quality and is excluded from the warranty offered in the contract. BBB contacted the company to get some additional information about the business, but the company has not responded. The reason this consumer feels he was scammed is because they never agreed on a final price and no estimate was given. BBB suspects the company used a deceptive sales practice, and encourages homeowners to do their homework and check out companies by visiting website bbb.org for BBB Business Reviews, Customer Reviews or to file a complaint.

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