Blue Pacific is a raw, reflective album

Victor Krummenacher 

Some, who regularly read Laid Back, may not recognize the name Victor Krummenacher but they certainly will know the two bands he co-founded — Monks of Doom and Camper Van Beethoven.

This is Victor’s ninth solo album, Blue Pacific, and his most autobiographical.

“These songs are more autobiographical and directly honest than anything I’ve done. I tried to leave enough ambiguity in them to keep them from being memoir specific, but most of the detail in here come from my experiences directly. It seemed like the more direct I was, the more resonant the songs became. My perspective is pretty odd at this point, when you do something this raw it’s hard to maintain one. But I know also it’s as good and focused as I can do, and that I got a lot of good musicians to help elevate these songs to a place I wasn’t sure they could reach,” Victor said.

Krummenacher has pursued a solo career as a singer-songwriter since 1994.

As a recording artist, he has been active for more than 30 years and has appeared with numerous projects including Cracker, Fifth Business, A Great Laugh, and McCabe and Mrs. Miller, a duo formed in 2008 with Alison Faith Levy of The Loud Family.

This latest release was recorded and mixed by Bruce Kaphan at Fantasy Studios and Niagara Falls. Besides vocals, Victor shows his multi-instrumentalist attributes — acoustic, electric and baritone guitars, mandolin, keyboards, harmonica and percussion.

The project was driven emotionally by his recent divorce and the healing process obviously played out live in various moments of the recording process.

“It was a really difficult album to make, some of the basics were recorded three times,” Victor said. “I went through two other drummers before settling on Michael Urbano. There was a lot of tension this time, and [co-producer] Bruce Kaphan seriously went all out to help make the best album we think we could do.”

Blue Pacific is a slow-burning musical masterpiece. Check it out.

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