Back to the blues with the master, Scotty Dennis

Scotty Davis - Back to the Blues

When Scotty Dennis — Back to the Blues came in the mail, I set the CD to the side for the weekend with the rest of my stack.

I wasn’t familiar with Scotty, but with first listen it rotated to the top of that stack. Scotty, to me, sounds like a potent mixture of Bobby Womack, Dobie Gray with some Albert King guitar magic thrown in like exclamation points. This guy is better than good. His style is all over the place with the foundation in soul, R&B and blues.

“Versatility has always been a thing for me,” he said. “and one of the things I want to show with this record is that no mater what music you’re into, it all stems from the blues. “I want people to feel what I felt when I did the album. There have been times when I’ve gotten off stage, and people have come up and asked me ‘How did you know what I was going through? and I said, ‘I didn’t know, but I know what I was going through, and I knew that if I was going through it somebody else would have a similar story.’”

Not only has Scotty faced all the problems we all face, he also took that giant step in 2015 to walk away from the successful group he fronted, Scotty & the Soul Tones to start a solo career. He considers Back to the Blues a lifetime in the making.

“I remember being four year old, and my uncle would take me with him and sneak me into blues clubs here in Kansas City,” Scotty said. “He would tell the owners I was a midget! But I remember sitting there, and music was like a magnet; it drew me in.”

This music will draw you in too. For more, go to

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