You can’t run away from some things

The film arrived on Blu Ray and DVD Jan. 19, 2021 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

Let me start by saying Dreamland is one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile.

The plot is good, as is the acting, soundtrack and cinematography.

It’s Depression era. A mother and father make the long trip to Texas, where land is to be waiting on them, along with the promise of a better life.

The mother is pregnant with Eugene Evans. The plot of land they end up with is worthless and these are dust bowl days.

They struggle to keep food on the table and to keep the bank from repossessing the land, the only thing they have.

The father begins to drink and pass the blame onto the wife for ending up in this miserable place. When Eugene is a young boy, his dad packs up and leaves.

Eugene gets a postcard from his father, claiming he’s found paradise on the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, his mother remarries a lawman, and they have a girl, who becomes Eugene’s little sister. Eugene loves his mother and sister, but doesn’t care much for this new man in his life. He longs for another post card from his real father.

He and his best friend are in town one day and notice the sheriff on the front steps of the jail passing out a wanted poster. The poster has a photo of a woman who is wanted for murder and there’s a $10,000 bounty on her head. They think she may be headed there.

Eugene begins to dream of what he could do with the money; he could go find his dad.

His step-dad is after him because he’s a dreamer, always reading comic books he’s shoplifted and this new man tells it’s time he grows up, gets a job and helps the family. The two have it out and Eugene is confined to his room.

That night, he gets a flashlight, sneaks out the window and walks to the old barn his father used to piddle-around in.

He hears a click and turns to find the female killer with a gun pointed at him.

She’s been shot in the leg, but she’s beautiful and seductive; something Eugene has never experienced. She looks around the barn, sees all the comic books and know just how to play this country boy. She tells her own version of what happened, that she didn’t commit murder and if Eugene doesn’t help her, they will find her and kill her.

He knows he should turn her in, but he’s never had a woman look at him like that, talk to him like that.

What will Eugene do?

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