Unexpected quirky love blooms during Olympics

Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams is the story of the coming together of two lonely hearts.

Penelope (Alexi Pappas) is at the Olympic Games for the first time, she is a cross-country skier, who does good but .... She finished outside the medal contention.

Ezra (Nick Kroll) is a dentist who has volunteered to help out during the same games. He has a maybe-fiance at home in New Jersey. Both are stuck in South Korea until the end of the games.

Both are lonely.

Ezra sees Penelope eating alone in the Olympic mess hall. They have an almost immediate, but quirky chemistry. There is quite an age difference which both reluctantly acknowledge but don’t talk about much.

Pappas, and her real husband, Jeremy Teicher, wrote the dialog for the film, which adds to the realism. The film was set against the backdrop of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Teicher was granted freedom to film in around the Olympic Village, where athletes, officials and trainers were housed, as well as at various competition venues, and Pyeongchang eateries and night spots. So at times it almost feels like a documentary.

The lead actors are likable, believable. We see that forlorn solitude of elite athletes and that everyone can’t win. They want to be together. They just don’t know how to make it work.

It’s certainly a different type of love story.

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