Terminator: Dark Fate better than recent franchise films

Terminator: Dark Fate

In 1998, three years after averting the threat of Skynet, Sarah (Linda Hamilton) and John Connor are enjoying life by a beach in Livingston, Guatemala, when they are suddenly attacked by a T-800 Terminator. Sent back through time by Skynet prior to its erasure, the Terminator murders John before disappearing.

That T-800 turns out to be “Model 101” Carl (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who Sarah obviously hates and wants to destroy, but is forced to work with because of bigger problems.

An advanced Terminator, called Rev-9, is sent back in time to Mexico City, to murder Daniella "Dani" Ramos (Natalia Reyes), while a cybernetically enhanced soldier, Grace (Mackenzie Davis), is sent to protect her.

Many fans, including myself, was disappointed by the decision to kill off John Connor in the opening scene. Of course, I also know filmmakers could create some futuristic time-travel scenario to bring him back.

Evan though it appears the film could end up losing Paramount and Skydance $100–130 million — a sequel might come. Plans for a new Terminator film trilogy were announced in July 2017. It will be up to producer James Cameron to convince Paramount the next one will make money.

We’ll see.

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