Super singer, songwriter pens best yet

David G. Smith

I met, via email, David G. Smith about six years ago and have become a fan of his music which is a combo of folk, rock, blues and Americana.

We would occasionally poke at each other through Facebook® and David became a fan of my puns. You’ve read them. Yes, they are very corny but I thought we needed some “peacemaker” relief from politics and rants back and forth from adults, who have become akin to Jr. High bullies on the playground. At one point he offered to take me on tour and let me be the opening act. But alas I have a paper to run.

On Aug. 23, he will release his fourth studio album Who Cares? (and his third produced by the late Blue Miller, to whom David dedicated the album.) William “Blue” Miller toured with, and or recorded and produced Bob Seger, Brownsville Station, Ted Nugent, Albert King and more.

“This project has been delivered at an incredibly high price–the loss of my Nashville producer…and friend…Blue Miller. You seldom find genius, heart and humility inside one human being, but Blue had all three in spades,” David said. “Ten days after we laid down the last tracks for Who Cares, Blue’s wife called to say he was in the hospital. Fast forward 8 bumpy-road months later and he was gone. Gone before his time.”

It turned out that Who Cares? would be Blue’s last completed project. David, a Iowa native, spends about half his time home and half in Nashville. When he’s not recording or touring, David donates time and raises money for causes including St. Jude Children's Hospital, Boys Town, Rett Syndrome, Parkinson's Disease, and Alzheimer's Disease.

Who Cares? is a collection of stories set to music which reflect my friend’s love for life and people.

“I’m a songwriter first and foremost. I like to think I write with intention tempered with abandon,” David said. “In other words, let the song say what it wants to say. It’s that simple. It’s that hard.”

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