Scott lays down funky, soulful rock

Taylor Scott Band

It just took one spin of the Taylor Scott Band’s debut release, All We Have, for me to become a fan.

The genre busting band call Denver, Colorado home where they’ve created a fiery mix of rock, funk, soul and blues. The sound caught my ears first but I was soon drawn deeper in by Taylor’s soulsearching lyrics.

Eleven of the 12 songs from the album were penned by Taylor. The boys did add an exciting acoustic version of Sleater-Kinney’s “Good Times.”

Besides Taylor Scott on guitar and vocals, the band includes Jon Wirtz (keyboards, harmony vocals); Chris Harris (bass); and Lem Williams (drums); augmented by a horn section percussion, harmonica and backing vocals.

“When (producer) Steve Berlin and I started working on pre-production for this record, our approach was to pick the best songs I had written up to that point and start there,” Taylor said. “Steve didn’t ask me to change much about what I had written. He did, though, ask me to write a chorus to a song called ‘Clearance Bin,’ which didn’t have a proper one before. Somehow, the first words I thought of ended up being the mantra of the entire album: ‘The day-to-day is all we have, I’ll trade it for a song and laugh, the things I want weren’t meant to last anyway.’ After getting the nod from Steve, I realized that one way or another, every song on the album was about that message in some way. Even songs that I had written years before carried that theme somehow, however subtle or cryptic. That realization alone gave this project a new meaning and helped me to find a voice that had previously proven elusive.”

Taylor has toured all over the United States, Canada and Europe with his band and with trance-blues legend Otis Taylor.

In 2015, he shared the stage with Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Govt’ Mule) and played on Otis’ critically acclaimed release, Hey Joe Opus: Red Meat.

A special highlight on this new CD, is a guest appearance on “Hair of Indigo” by Henry Garza.

“It was also a highlight of my life to work with Henry Garza of Los Lonely Boys on the record. His group was my first rock concert as a kid and an enormous influence on me as a developing musician. Playing together in the studio was a dream come true for me,” Taylor said.

The band is touring Colorado and then Canada right now, but hopefully they’ll head south soon.

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