Saltillo man charged with two counts home repair fraud

Scott Hubert Corley

 On September 6, 2020, the Lee County Sheriff’s Department was contacted by a citizen concerning a situation of possible home repair fraud.

“We had an individual contact the sheriff about paying this guy money to put in a pool. She’d given him $16,500. He basically staked four corners, tied some string in her back yard, where the pool was supposed to go, and that was all he completed,” said Lee County Sheriff’s Department investigator Brian Kilgore.

A report was filed with the Sheriff’s Department and turned over to investigators. An investigation began and it was determined the victim had paid the suspect, Scott Hubert Corley, of Saltillo, to begin work on a swimming pool and no work was completed.

“She became concerned when she got to contacting him about when he was coming back and he kept telling her he was waiting on the pool liner, UPS was slow, he didn’t have time to pick it up right now. Then he said he had a traumatic experience in his life, and said ‘I just can’t do it right now,’” Kilgore said.

On September 7, a similar report was filed with the Sheriff’s Department concerning Corley, 33, for repairs on the victim’s pool in March 2020 which has still not been completed.

“He had no intention of finishing the project. Then we found there were more (victims) out there, one in Union County, one in Itawamba and two more here,” Kilgore said.

“This guy had clearly done this before. In fact, the first lady, who contacted me, had gotten word he was moving,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

Bond was set by a Lee County Justice Court Judge at $20,000. He has since bonded out.

“We’re living in a world now where you can’t look at somebody, and say ‘that’s a good person,’” Kilgore said. “This guy looks just as normal as anyone else but if you go back and look at his criminal history, he’s been in a lot of stuff. That’s how he wound up here.”

Corley had lived in Arizona, had a criminal history there, and moved to Lee County, and was in the process of moving back to Arizona.

“People, who do stuff like this, are going to have names on their resumes (they know) ... just like if you’re applying for a job, you’re not going to put on your resume the people you don’t want them to call. You don’t put people like your enemies or ex-wives,” Johnson said. “Most of these people, who put in pools have been recommended by a pool company. So shop with a reputable company, and the contacts they give you, check them out.

“On any job, you need to see some results before you make a payment. A tell tale sign, for me, is if they have to have the money up-front.”

Corley, thus far, has been charged with two counts of home repair fraud in Lee County.

If you have additional information about this crime, please call (662) 841-9040.

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