Powerful foursome deliver crackling rock

The Bohannons are, left to right, Matthew Bohannon, Mike Gault, Marty Bohannon, and Billy C. Robinson.

The Bohannons, named after brothers Matthew and Marty, deliver heavy rock and roll akin to Neil Young’s days with Crazy Horse. The Chattanooga foursome have released a masterwork with Bloodroot.

The sound is propelled by Marty’s sharp edged vocals and Matt’s swirling, blistering guitar rifts with a solid backdrop like no other, Mike Gaut on drums and Billy C. Robinson on bass.

“We are excited to share with you Bloodroot our latest LP. It’s inspired by our home, family, friends, and this indelible planet. The songs are vignettes of this wild journey we are on which is never short of high nor low, and never lacking in love and spirit,” Marty said.

The Bohannons started their first American tour in 2006, and kept the same stops in mind over the years, growing legends of fans as they rocked across the country.

For this album the boys would start an archaic recording processes which would eventually bring them to some of the most well-known studios in the country, from Electrical Audio in Chicago to Chase Park Transduction in Athens, GA and on to Dialback Sound in Water Valley, Mississippi.

As with most Bohannons songs, the lyrics are based in reality like “Refills,” a look at becoming hooked.

“Unfortunately [it’s] a story told too often,” lead singer Marty said of the song” “A young lady I grew up with got a prescription for an opioid after a sports related accident. After recovery she started to look for opioids recreationally. And it wouldn’t take long for the dealers to take her in, keep her high and steal everything from her.”

My baby’s got a broken arm, my baby’s got a script that heals But where will she go when she runs out of refills

Bloodroot is now available on vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats via Cornelius Chapel Records.

If you want to catch them live, mark your calendar for May 25 when they will make an appearance at The Basement in Nashville.

For more - thebohannons.net

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