Plantersville man picked up on counts  of sexual  battery

Lee County Sheriff’s Department Sheriff Jim Johnson leads Morgan into the Lee County Justice Court building. 

On May 22, 2020, Lee County Sheriff's Department Investigators were notified by Child Protective Services (CPS) regarding allegations of sexual battery against Martin Randy Morgan of 1553 CR 814 in Plantersville.

Lee County Investigators and Deputies accompanied a Child Protective Services employee to the residence the same day and made contact with Morgan and four minor children.

“He was notified the day he was charged through his attorney, Tony Farese. Mr. Farese contacted us and said he would make sure he (Morgan) turned himself in,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

While CPS and investigators were at the house, the children were sent to stay with relatives on a safety plan. CPS spoke with the children and allegations were made that led Lee County Sheriff's Department and CPS to open an investigation.

“The investigation has been going on for two or three months, which is very common, because when you have a situation where you have a victim and you’re working a case with a lot of circumstantial evidence with it. This child had to be sent to the Family Resource Center in order to be interviewed by a clinical psychologist and individuals who will be able to testify in court to the truthfulness of her statements,” Johnson said. “The seriousness of a crime, such as this, is we take everything into consideration because once you make that accusation, it’s there.”

The sheriff said Morgan was married, had a child who drown, later divorced and remarried this lady, who had several female children. The lady passed away and so these children remained in his home.

“This was a nurturing, cultured relationship where this child was led to believe that this was a perfectly normal relationship and she played the part of the wife. We have no evidence showing anything was forced,” Johnson said.

The children were 17, 16, 13 and 12. Investigators are interviewing all of the girls. The sexual battery charges, at this time, are with one girl. There could be further charges.

Lee County Sheriff's Department obtained warrants for Morgan on three counts of sexual battery and on Wednesday, July 8, Morgan voluntarily turned himself in at the Lee County Sheriff's Department.

Bond was set at $300,000 by Judge Marilyn Reed. Morgan has since bonded out. The case will go before the next Grand Jury.

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