Perigon is senior singer’s emotional best

Dianne Davidson

As I get older, I appreciate senior members of society who push forward, no matter what their occupation is.

Dianne Davidson would fit that profile, who hasn’t released any new music for three decades — in 2020, she has bounced back with Perigon: Full Circle.

“In the moments when I was alone and sad and lost, this album was brought forth from my soul. In all the years I was away, this dream never left me. From its first baby steps, it had its own soul. What started as two songs for inclusion in the documentary, ‘Invisible,’ became a being of its own. A labor of love, created by the joining of loving and incredibly insightful musicians and engineers...The addition of the genius of Larry Chaney... It had to be. I've always self-produced my records; this one had to be shared,” Dianne said. “The collaboration was not new; the musical pairing goes back to 1977. But in this moment in time, it was a perfect marriage of creative forces. Every note, every sound, every choice of players, every recording technique. It wasn't always right the first time, but it was the second time …. 30 years from the last album. I’m sure most thought I was finished. I wasn't. And I’m not now.”

So how good is Dianne?

She toured as a member of Linda Ronstadt’s band, and has provided backing vocals for a host of major league performers such as B.B. King, Jimmy Buffet, Tammy Wynette, Barry Manilow and Leon Russell.

Her style is a cool mix of rock, folk, blues and even a pinch of reggae when needed. The lyrics are full of grit and honesty.

She also does some killer covers of Gretchen Peters “Over Africa,” and Dylan’s “To Make You Feel My Love.”

In addition to Davidson (vocals/acoustic guitar), Perigon: Full Circle features Larry Chaney (guitars); Leigh Maples (electric bass); Dave Roe (upright bass); Nancy Gardner (drums); Austin Wireman, Tim McDonald, John Salem (keyboards); Jim Thistle (percussion); Barry Walsh (accordion); Roger Bissell (trombone); Denis Solee (sax); George Tidwell (trumpet); Gideon John Klein (cello); Donny Reis (viola); Lisa Silver (violin); Marianne Osiel (English horn); Michael Mishaw and Vickie Carrico (background vocals) with special guests Ruthie Foster (vocals) and Mac Gayden (slide guitar) on “Subtle Touch.”

Perigon is a geometric term signifying an angle that is 360 degrees.

“From the first time I walked into the studio at age 16, until now in my late 60s, the circle is now completed. But I'm hoping for concentric circles for the future - another full circle,” Dianne said.

This is the singer’s emotional best.

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