Maze one of the greatest jailbreak films likely missed


Maze tells the story of the world’s largest mass prison escape.

The reason this film may have fallen underneath your radar is it is an Irish film, but don’t worry, the language is English.

It has been nominated for four Irish film and TV Academy awards and certainly deserves the accolades.

The escape took place Sept. 25, 1983 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, HM Prison Maze (also known as Long Kesh). This was a maximum security prison considered to be one of the most escape-proof prisons in Europe.

This was the biggest prison escape in UK history, 38 Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) prisoners escaped from H-Block 7 of the prison.

In addition to 15-foot fences, each H-block was encompassed by an 18-foot concrete wall topped with barbed wire, and all gates on the complex were made of solid steel and electronically operated.

Maze is not a blockbuster, but rather a thinking man’s prisonbreak film, more interesting and remarkable considering the jailbreak really happened. It also allows the viewer to search out right and wrong, and who was really at fault.

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