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Grenada Lake is the largest body of water in Mississippi. Boasting 16 boat landings, six public beaches and camping areas for primitive and Class A camping, the area is perfect for swimming, jet-skiing, boating and bass and crappie fishing.

Fishermen know fish are less active when water temperatures rise to the 80º range. That doesn’t mean you can’t catch that record bass or crappie this time of year at Grenada Lake. It simply means you need to get out early or go out at sunset when the sun is not on the water.

When you arrive at Grenada go to the Visitor’s Center where there’s an overlook which provides a panoramic view of the 36,000 acre Grenada Lake.

It’s massive, situated on 90,427 acres that has something to offer almost every outdoor enthusiast from hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, skiing, and bird watching, to camping, picnicking, golfing, swimming, and much, much more.

On the way to the Visitor’s Center watch for signs leading to the Civil War Fort. There were actually eight forts constructed around Grenada to protect vital installations. The fort you see was constructed to protect the Grenada-Graysport Road over which General Van Dorn traveled for his famous raid on General Grant's supply depot at Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Historians will love for the many cemeteries including the Yellow Fever Cemetery, Confedarate Cemetery and the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Downtown you’ll find countless homes, churches and businesses which can trace origins back to the mid-1800s.

Even the Grenada Airport is a historic landmark. It began as a military airbase. It is now owned by the City of Grenada. Visitors will often see helicopters and other military aircraft refueling.

Also the Army National Guard Camp McCain was once an Army base that served as a POW Camp in WWII.

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