Landry brings back honky-tonk feel

Yvette Landry

After giving Yvette Landry and the Jukes latest record Louisiana Lovin’ a spin, it brought back memories of old time honky tonks, sawdust on the floor and dancing until last call. It turns out that’s exactly what the Louisiana native had in mind. “My idea was that when you listened to the CD, it would bring you back to a time where dance halls and Juke Joints in Louisiana were the place to be. And after putting in a hard day’s work, one could forget all of their troubles and dance the night away…,” she said. Yvette grew up in Breaux Bridge, affectionately known as “North America’s largest swampland.” It was growing up there that she learned an appreciation for the music, dance, stories and language of her Cajun culture. And most of this album has that feel to it. An exception is a fine rendition of Sara Evan’s “Three Chords and the Truth.” Yvette strips it down, and drags it out into a road classic in the vein of “Me and Bobby McGee.” “Romero chose a song written by our dear friend, David Egan, who has since passed. The majority of the songs are Louisiana songs, but I also wanted to do what was in my heart. Sara Evan’s song, 'Three Chords and the Truth', is not a Louisiana song, but it was something that I felt I needed to record. My husband and I found it by accident. “We were having a discussion about country music and he remembered someone saying that country music should be three chords and the truth. We googled the saying and Sara’s song came up. I immediately fell in love with it. Although musically, it leans more towards 'vintage country', the feel is a Louisiana old-school, belly-rubbing slow drag. Also, along the country side of things is Floyd Cramer & Skeeter Davis’, 'My Last Date With You'. The rest of the songs are just straight up Swamp Pop, released by some of the Louisiana greats: Bobby Charles, David Egan, Warren Storm, Cookie and the Cupcakes, and G. G. Shinn,” she said. This is great stuff.

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