King of slasher films collection slices onto blu ray

Originally released on May 9, 1980, FRIDAY THE 13TH captured audiences’ imaginations and permeated our collective psyche.  The film spawned one of the longest-running and most successful horror franchises in film history with 11 subsequent movies and, 40 years later, the iconic machete-wielding killer continues to haunt, fascinate and terrify new generations. 

Almost every teenager has been to camp. I can remember Boy Scout camp. Everything was cool in the daytime, hikes, picnics and games but all of that changed when the sun went down.

We were gathered around a campfire, with our fearless scoutmaster telling about the history of the camp. There was a hermit, who once called our camp home, he lost a leg in a hunting accident and some said ... at night ... if you listened hard enough you could hear his ghost dragging that leg around the campfire looking for the person who had done this terrible thing to him.

Sure enough. After we crawled into our sleeping bags, lights out, and as we tried to get that image out of our minds, we’d hear that sound, like someone dragging their leg just outside the thin fabric of our nylon tents.

Later we learned the scoutmaster had cut off a branch from a bush and walked by the backside of all the tents, dragging that limb. But there were crickets, cicadas, frogs and that dreadful dragging. No one slept much that night. An active imagination can be a dangerous thing.

So when, as kids, we watched the original Friday the 13th, there we were back at camp ... a fictional place called Camp Crystal Lake.

There was a story there too. It was most famous for being the home of serial killer Jason Voorhees.

According to legend, Camp Crystal Lake was established in 1935, by the Christy family, and operated peacefully until the summer of 1957; which was when Pamela Voorhees was hired at the camp as a cook, while her deformed son, Jason, was in attendance. Jason was bullied and harassed by other children at the camp. One day, while the counselors weren't supervising Jason, the other children threw him into the lake.

Unable to swim, Jason presumably drowned. Hoping to avoid a scandal, the Christys closed the camp for the season to allow for an investigation. Authorities determined Jason's death was an accident.

The camp reopened in 1958, and Pamela was rehired by the Christys. Counselors Barry Jackson and Claudette Hayes, whom Pamela blamed for Jason's drowning, were also rehired for the year.

And for horror buffs that legend has lasted not just on the eight films included on this collection, but even more. Halloween is approaching, making picking up this collection even more timely.

Turn out the lights, stick in a chapter and give your imagination the freedom to roam.

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