It’s time to board the rockin’ rollin’ train

Victor Wainwright

Victor Wainwright and The Train Memphis Loud is one you’ll have to wait a little while to board but the rolling, rocking ride will be worth that wait. The album will release May 22 (my birthday). The delay of the CD and upcoming shows to promote the release is due to that nasty old virus.

But don’t miss this one - it’s full of sass, energy and plenty of creative musical interludes. It’s a studio album that sounds like a live performance.

“Sometimes we had upwards near ten musicians in the studio,” he recalls, including fresh faces and old friends. “We’re a big family, with many boxcars to this long train now. Everyone has built up emotional steam in their lives too, and as conductor, all I have to do is utilize that steam to power the Train forward.”

Victor was born in Savannah, Georgia, United States. Both his father and grandfather were blues musicians, and became Wainwright's early mentors. At the age of 10 at a family gathering, Wainwright played “Für Elise.” Wainwright's own ensemble backed Eric Culberson at the Savannah Blues Bar, during the former's high school years.

The Train formed in 2017, a collaboration between Victor and friend, engineer, and producer Dave Gross. He kept longtime bandmates Billy Dean on drums and Terrence Grayson on bass. For guitar, Wainwright added Pat Harrington. He also added the horn players Doug Woolverton and Mark Earley from Roomful of Blues.

By the time your ears reach the third cut “Memphis Loud” you can feel the engine rolling down the tracks furious and free.

“By the song’s end,” Victor said, “the listener is surrounded by a hundred singing voices in emotional toil, but relieving that pain by singing, and letting it all out.”

The album was recorded at Music-Arts in Memphis.

It follows the self-titled Victor Wainwright and The Train, which was recorded at the Ardent Studios in Memphis. That album, co-produced by Wainwright and Gross, was released on March 9, 2018. The album went on to garner a Grammy Award nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album of the Year.

This new one has its sad moments like “Disappear,” its funny touch with “South End of a North Bound Mule” and his touching love song to his four-legged friend, “My Dog Riley.”

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