Iconic drummer crushes every genre

It’s About Time

John McTigue III calls himself an American drummer, composer, educator and inventor.

All of that shines through on his latest project It’s About Time.

John’s certainly an expert in the field of drumming and percussion.

He began making noise at a very early age, was a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he earned a degree in 20th century composition and knew his next stop had to be Nashville.

John can play all kinds of music but really likes alternative country. He’s played with Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Steve Cropper, Hank Williams III, and Jim Lauderdale, to name a few.

“The album represents many of the different styles of music I’ve enjoyed playing and creating while traveling around the world over the years. I wanted this record to have the spontaneity and creative freedom of improvisation as well as some arranged compositions, John said. “Growing up in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania it was difficult to find other kids who also played music, so many times I would end up playing drums with just a guitar player or bass player and sometimes a keyboard player.”

The album was co-produced with guitarist Kenny Vaughn, and recorded in Nashville at 7 Deadly Sins studio, McTigue was joined in the studio by Kenny Vaughan, Billy Harvey (guitars); Tim Carroll, Greg Garing (vocals); Billy Contreras (violin/electric mandolin); Ron Blakely (steel guitar); Jay Weaver (bass) and the Tosca String Quartet (strings).

My personal favorite is “Keeping Time,” a Tim Carroll original.

I also love the progressive rocker “Stockholm,” penned by John and Kenny.

“Although sometimes it was just two of us, we created music without any of the other distractions that present themselves throughout a music career. It was all about being creative and having fun! I wanted this record to have some of the creative energy and fun that I remembered as a kid in my parents basement,” John said. “My love for music has a wide swing and I’ve also always loved the grit and essence of the old-school blues combos like T-bone Walker and Hound Dog Taylor as well as some modern rock duos like the White Stripes and Royal Blood. So most of the tracks on my record are duets with yours truly on the drum kit.”

John endorses; Evans drum heads, Innovative Drumsticks, Purecussion snare strainers, Kangaroo Custom Bags.

I also noticed he’s played some gigs with an old friend Clark Paterson.

“It’s always been about the journey for me not the destination and these recordings represent the trip. Give it a listen I hope you enjoy the trip,” John added.

For more, connect to www.johnmctigue3.com

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