HeavyDrunk cooks on and off stage

HeavyDrunk bandleader / frontman Rob Robinson

Musically I’ve always been a fan of sounds and lyrics that skip off the tired worn track of verse, chorus, etc. I hit the jackpot when my friend Karen Leipziger, the lead at a cool production house sent me HeavyDrunk - HolyWater.

HeavyDrunk is not your typical band, their sound is got that jumbo flavor mixed up with the standard drums, bass keyboards and guitars and saturated with horns and soulful background singers.

The nine-piece band is led by Rob Robinson, who can cook on and off stage. The Louisiana born, Mississippi raised singer, songwriter is also a restaurateur.

“To me it’s always been about food and music," Rob said. "In Monroe, we had a neighbor, Fannie, that used to keep me. She would come over and help with the housework and stuff like that. She was a big, beautiful black woman and she sang in the choir at church. My first living memory is falling asleep as a baby, listening to her singing gospel tunes.

“Then I moved to Jackson, Mississippi, and pretty much grew up between Jackson and Monroe, Louisiana. Mom bought a five-dollar guitar at a garage sale down the street, and that’s really where I got my start. It was the best therapy that I could have ever had as a young man growing up, just to be able to get my feelings out through a song.”

This is memorable stuff part delta blues, mingled with Tom Waits, Randy Newman with a touch of Springsteen thrown in for good measure.

I was hooked at the first note of the first song, “If I Loved You Hard Enough” which mentions Tupelo.

“This is basically a cautionary tale about the very best of dysfunctional love. It’s based on some experiences that I’ve had and experiences I’ve had related to me,” Rob said. “It’s a dysfunctional tale of love and the blues. The imagery in the song is a little bit risque. Of course, I’ve never grabbed a woman by the hair of her head and I’ve never hurt a woman.”

The guys and gals will have a kickoff party for HolyWater at the Franklin Theatre, Tenn. on Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. For more on the show call (615) 538-2076.

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