Geraci provides rich, innovative listening experience

Anthony Geraci

Anthony Geraci always knew what he wanted to do. At age four he announced to his parents, “I want a piano.”

This wasn’t just odd because of his age but the request was also because of his upbringing. His parents weren’t musical. There wasn’t even a record player in the house.

But thank goodness, they bought him a Kimball Grand piano and paid for lessons.

It’s 2018, and Anthony has just released Why Did You Have To Go, a masterpiece of blues, R&B and even a step into jazz. Anthony just does what he does best — compose, play the piano and a Hammond.

“As a songwriter and arranger, I chose each musician for their individual talents that I knew would sound awesome on the songs they were singing and playing on,” Geraci said about the album sessions. “The recording process can always be a daunting experience. Being surrounded by musicians that are your friends is a very special feeling. I played music with many of these musicians for almost 40 years, others more recently. As the ‘producer,’ it was my job to get the material to everyone, coordinate the studio(s), and make sure everyone could make the dates - not an easy task especially with these many in-demand musicians! I wrote some of the songs while in Clarksdale, Mississippi – ‘Why Did You Have to Go’ and ‘Baptized in the River Yazoo.’ Most of the other songs were written at my home in Marshfield, Massachusetts, from notes I make while I’m on the road. If you keep your eyes and ears open you never know what ideas might happen. I try and tell a story with each song...a short narrative that people can relate to.”

Some of those side musicians include Ronnie Earl, Sugar Ray Norcia, Monster Mike Welch, Kid Ramos, Dennis Brennan, Jimi Bott, Sugaray Rayford, Willie J. Campbell and Michelle “Evil Gal” Willson.

His almost 40-years as a pianist shines through. This is a great album you won’t regret purchasing.

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