Black comedy hits mark more often than not

Game Night

When our daughter Amy Clark (Stone) was growing up we played every game imaginable from Yatzee, to Monopoly to Gestures. It’s a tradition we carry on with her and the grandchildren. If the family that plays together, stays together — we’ll be together for ever. Game Night starts like that only more friends than family, with the exception of Max Davis (Jason Bateman) who has an ongoing feud with his seemingly successful brother Brooks Davis (Kyle Chandler). Max even finds out the stress between he and his brother may be what has been keeping him from being able to get his wife Annie (Rachel McAdams) pregnant. But the game playing gang gets over their head when Brooks invites them over to his house for a special game night. In this game there is going to be a murder and whoever solves the murder gets Brooks’ cherry red Stingray (Max’s dream car). It’s all supposed to be fake. Suddenly they find out there is a real kidnapping and could be a real murder. Now Max has to show what he’s really made of, save his arrogant brother and be a hero in his wife’s eyes.

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