BBKK members

Breakfast Boys Krystal Klub

This is a photo of the BBKK Members. This is the Breakfast Boys Krystal Klub not to be confused with the Brooxes Basic KAP Kit (BBKK). Members are, top row, left to right, Darrell Marecle, Bob Kenney, Bill Lowry, Jerry Duckett and Jim Clark. Seated, left to right, Jacque Prather, Tony Lute, Krystal General Manager Gwen Estes, Terry Swindol and Howard Davenport. The club meets weekday mornings at the Krystal, located at 2615 West Main Street, in Tupelo. Lute is the team’s self-appointed overseer. If someone accidently sits in the club’s section — Lute will give them the evil eye, insult them or ask them to move. He even, once, asked the Krystal franchise owner to move. The club is not currently accepting new members but one can apply for the one year apprenticeship after buying breakfast for all members. MS Estes is actually in charge and thus far no members have been removed, though some are refered to as “troublesome.” Other members include Bob Boyd, Jim Karrant, and Steve Morrison, who were either sick, at the doctor or “gone fishin’” when the photo was taken. The gang discusses history, medical procedures (while eating) and when trying to recall names often have to say “I’ll get back with you.” If you would like the BBKK to answer any questions about Lee County history, let you know a good place to eat, advice on surgery or solve a marital problem, call (662) 321-0025. P.S. Sorry ladies, but all BBKK members are spoken for but their wives might be interested in a trade for $100,000 or a three-legged dog, provided the dog can take out the trash.

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