Americana bluesy soul hits the mark

Long Tall Deb and Colin John

Long Tall Deb and Colin John have surpassed the creativity and intrique of their debut EP, Streets of Mumbai (2015) with the haunting, complex music of Dragonfly. The back porch intro to “On the Way Down (intro)” sets the mood — slow, swampy and mysterious.

Cut 2 “On the Way Down” breaks loose with full band — John’s ever present throbbing guitar lines mixed with drums by Jimmy Castoe; organ by Nate Holman; bass by Melvin Powe and Mick Molassa, suppling background vocals to Deb’s lead. I’ve always been a fan of Mick’s and also Jeff Jenson who sits in on rhythm guitar on “Lungs.”

All is centered around the third cut and album title “Dragonfly.” In the liner notes Deb and Colin explain, “The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and change. Through its example, we are inspired to transform in new ways every day. “Over the last two years, we experienced situations which helped inspire these stories of loss, redemption finding true love, and shedding the unnecessary. “In reflection, we gain joy and hope gather wisdom, cast off the old demons and simply get down to straddle that fine, sublime line between the holy and unholy; the collective yin-yang of human existence.”

Yes, Dragonfly is deep and cool like that. Deb is a very soulful blues singer and a perfect match for Colin who is a talented multi-instrumentalist — acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar, Baby Sitar, lap steel, bass and piano. I especially like “Pull the Pin,” a psychedelic romp which taps into the middle Eastern flavor. I also love the jazzy “Horizonal Lightning” where Deb slows it down and talks to her lover over top a tango-like background. For more, go to

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