A sunny musical landscape you never grow tired of

Breakfast Served Cold by Sunny Bleau & The Moons

When I first opened the package for the new Sunny Bleau album, I knew I was going to like it.

Any old school musician, artist, salesman or newspaper guy or gal has a story about staying at a “no tell” motel.

The particular one, on the CD, promoted “Breakfast Served Cold,” also the name of the music I was about to listen to.

Round flat eggs, sausage made of an unknown something, no rise biscuits, cold coffee and a mindful of blues came to mind.

“Everybody gets the blues, everyone can relate to it. It doesn’t matter if they’re blue collar, white collar, rich, poor, whatever; they get it,” Sunny said. “I try to write from a woman’s perspective, to give women a voice to all those secrets we hold inside. I want everybody who sees us, everyone who hears these songs, to connect with them in a way that they feel like their secrets are safe with me.”

It’s good for the male species to learn about that female side of the spectrum too. A preacher friend of mine once related a story to me.

“Men had gathered in the church parking lot and one of the parishioners was mocking another one because he jumped when his wife said his name.

“Number one parishioner said ‘I wear the pants in my family, I tell her what to do and she acts on that,” then he walked off.

The preacher said, “A man who will lie about that will lie about anything.”

Truth, — anyway Sunny Bleau & The Moons lay everything on the table and tell, in blues style, the way life really goes.

Sunny is passionate about her craft, yet playful and the music which comes out is a great way to end a stressful day.

“I like to think I write songs that are real, straight-forward, honest and raw. I don’t try to sugar-coat things. I am also not trying to be controversial either. I write from my own heart with only my life's feelings, experiences, perspectives and situations. The really good news is that life has taught me that other people have experienced similar moments in their lives where they are faced with the same feelings or thoughts I’ve had in my own journey, Sunny said. “So, I learned that as long as I write from a place of truth and vulnerability, other people will be able to relate and make the music their own. And that is what I really want.”

I especially liked “On Your Way To Me,” “Autumn Leaves” and the mile-high “Denver” tune. “

Sunny Bleau” isn’t her given name. She was born Kelly Day. Kelly was given the nickname “Sunny” when she was younger. People close to Kelly describe her as a ray of sunshine when she enters a room. She and her band have created a musical landscape you’ll want to visit again and again.

“The songs on this record go in the direction the lyrics take them, and I’m telling stories. It’s about telling a story, presenting the truth; sometimes its fun and flirtatious and sometimes it’s deep,” she said.

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